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BROWZ Is Now Avetta

Combined they create a simplified supplier management solution designed to elevate safety and sustainability in workplaces around the world. Request your free demo below.

Best Practices

Our solution combines our award-winning technology and expert service. Avetta’s safety and sustainability experts lift the administrative burden of prequalifying contractors and suppliers and guide them to implement best practices. Our technology gives you the visibility to make better business decisions.


Step into the driver's seat with quick and easy report templates, custom analysis, and automatic distribution. Make data-driven decisions with leading and lagging indicators as well as all the prequalification information from your supply chain in one platform.


Let us do the heavy lifting of bringing safety and sustainability to your supply chain so you can focus on growing your business. Rest assured that your supply chain is supported by a trusted partner; Avetta & BROWZ combine for over 30 years of experience working with the world’s largest companies.

Learn how BROWZ joining with Avetta ensures supply chains are safe, qualified and socially responsible by delivering comprehensive solutions based on the unique needs of your business.

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What Avetta Does For You

Pre-qualifying suppliers is an important first step to managing supply chain risk. But collecting all the right documentation, verifying the data, and managing the process for a large number of suppliers is both complicated and costly. Avetta and BROWZ combine more than three decades of experience in making industries safer, more sustainable and compliant by vetting and qualifying the suppliers that support your organization. 

Avetta's market-leading technology platform and products strengthen sustainable connections between you and your contractors and suppliers. Our solution is flexible and configurable to meet your specific needs.

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Combining to Form One of the World's Leading Providers of Supply Chain Risk Management

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Engagement with Avetta significantly improved our interaction with suppliers in three main areas: Monitoring, measuring, and evaluation. The improved reporting and accelerated escalation processes allow us to drive better performance across multiple business units

Procurment Director, CEMEX

Since we started working with Avetta, we have a much greater comfort level with our contractors. The Avetta solution is a powerful tool; and, as a leader in our industry, we can use it to make the industry safer.


Building the Connections that Build the World

Our global solution combines adaptive technology with industry-leading professional services and local expertise; building trustworthy bonds between leading organizations and qualified suppliers.